Attract Love into your life

Hey Lovely Souls:)

I have a little fun game for you all! If you are looking for love or simply want to send love to someone, then do not hesitate as this game is definitely right for you! You can send love to anyone who you wish to. Departed loved ones are also able to receive your loving energy:)

All you need to do is follow the step by step guide written below:

1. Place your palm onto the heart in the pic

2. Close your eyes

3. Take a relaxing deep breath and exhale slowly

4. Set loving intention feel the warmth expand within your heart centre

5. Imagine your soul mate, feel their presence around you, imagine what they look like, what they are wearing.

6. Take a few minutes and listen to your guides and angels and you will receive a divine message from the spirit world. You might hear, see, feel, smell them. Yes you can, we are all capable of channeling messages from our guides.

7. Send love out with open heart and repeat the following:

"I am sending love to .... say the person's name or replace it with the word soul mate. I am ready to give love and receive it in return. I trust my intuition and myself. I know that when the time is right you will appear in my life. It is done, it is done , it is done!"

Wait for the miracle to happen!

It might not happen right away, but be patient and wait for the miracle to happen!

Love, PinkFairy

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